RAW (2012)


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released June 19, 2012



all rights reserved


TONES BAD KARMA New York, New York

An underground artist often seen and rarely heard. He brings the cypher back to The street lights. The artist in front of the frontline. His versatility puts him in a league unmatched. One of the last true emcees still putting in work. Some say he was born in a spaceship, others in the hands of God. One thing is for sure, when he touches the mic, everyone in the room stops and stares. ... more

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Don’t interrupt my mission I devour competition
make rappers stop spittin im way beyond ya vision
I was born in a prison mentally the energy im givin
Is of levels untouched by lights prizm
Reflect off me walk wit me down a path awkwardly
A lost emcee searchin for me unfortunately
Told the whole story accordingly
they didn’t listen stayed wit a vision seen morbidly
I just walk the streets like an abandoned child
Ive mastered them all but they Cant my style
I move a hundred million miles You got a Fragile freestyle
I rise the earth to the clouds but meanwhile
Holdin up a sign sayin fuck wit me I dare you
no training known to man that could ever prepare you
This is the last true emcee dialect That I stare through
Words enhance you give you power to do things you cant do
Lift up a car wit a child underneath it events out of sequence
When I spit at this frequency nature cant believe it
I know the trees live and I speak to them deep shit
I hear them whisper back that they ready to quit
I say keep goin through ya trials and tribulations
Rhymes and revelations in times of devastation
To find your placement before Final destination
Or You a subject of a Dateline investigation
Post traumatic stress disorder from feelin So close
Motherfuckers will say he made it, well almost
Hed be on top the world if not for the overdose
I scream out to the sky as if your Soul a ghost
I get a howl back but I doubt that was you
There was them few times that I absolutely knew
A thousand shows Now I know what I have to do
That’s tour the world and bring it all Back to you
I finally got a clue about how to make that happen
But now I get mixed with all the fakes that’s rappin
Lets get it crackin who gonna make all madden
When I hear ya terminology I wanna start attackin
Makes me wanna grab a blade and stab him
Just for talking random turn it to an Anthem
They teliin me that the Underground cant stand him
My EA6B prowler is always on phantom
My mode is explode decompose the death slow
Die on the steps where you rest from head blow
Head to toe one on one ready set g6o
minute ago you poppin shit though letting ya chest show
I take you on wit one arm and yall get bashed to bits
If you live youll be just spasms and twitch
I stay up in some ass like a nasty shit
No pause blow jobs from ya family bitch
Randomly pick rappers out the crowd to lose stans
Watch me perform copy my song I got some new fans
I see where you crew stands You brought like 2 of ya mans
You like what u wann do fam you already knew blam
Wheres them dudes damn they ran ya shit is weak
You shouldn’t speak watch how I rip the beat
When you on stage ya whole shit feel incomplete
You couldn’t catch ya breath but theres was words underneath
did you leave ya doubles on in the background
Turn that trash down you ass clown
I cut the fuckin beat off even in they’re town
Little faggot lookin like he wanna have a stare down
You aint prepared now and you never will be
Fuck a clean version the reason they call me filthy
Shine wit the force of the sun but you Still see
The only way to retaliate wit hate is to kill me

Live from the underground
For just a moment I caught attention from the focus
Bought a tenement and Rented it to the homeless
When I was farther away is the times I felt closest
Harder to say gave me strength when I was hopeless
Seed abortion thought in a righteous mind
Death of a misconception The life and times
overnight delivery arrived precisely timed
Put on the beat and let the mind Write the rhyme
No pen needed ink bleedin watchin speakers
Top the human food chain wit the Bottom feeders
Im still breathin passing by the mourning of grievers
Now im wakin up early with all the lost dreamers
Overworked underpaid money where my mouth is
Its been too long I gotta go on without this
I gotta keep pushin forward til im Movin mountains
performing alone by myself in front of thousands

hook by East Coast

Another second that feels like forever passes me
Stuck in the now wonderin how askin me
question my eyes and try to make the Answer see
understand it means the ends justified the clarity
apparently cause how Ive seen through eyes thats blind
Is the purest expression I can only try to describe
I feel alive to the point I would die for my rhyme
Prerecorded verse but feel Live in the vibe
When you listen to the vibration of what im sayin
You coulda stole the shit and its not worth what you payin
Youd think you Hit the Lotto wit all the Games that you playin
Think you headed out but your really on your Way in
Im only getting old but Im startin to feel younger
Its When you say your starving compared to Real hunger
didn’t have my phone on me whey They called my number
The alarm clock broke and it woke me out the slumber

hook by East Coast

Is it timeless or is it just time wasted
Starin straight through you cause I cant even Face it
Real recognize real I know you on some fake shit
Everyday is the same shit theres no way I can change it
never Set goals I Accomplished but Still I try
All these blunts Im smoking always Kill my high
keep askin myself when the hell will I die
I laugh at the tears as they have to fill my eye
At that moment I figured out that I realized
You know when you can hear truth so you can Feel lies
And your senses are in essence all that’s left to heal whys
War is the real cry screamin ‘cross the field’s skies
Is Anyone out there gotta doubt there is a god
I see All that shit as simple it really isnt hard
I never even met you but we Never Been apart
My house is live flesh My eyes are Windows scarred

hook by East Coast
hook by Diabolic

When I say vibe to beat I mean timelessly
I open my eyes and speak whats inside of me
Inspires from defining me to exemplify the irony
I move lifelessly past the tyranny
They cant rhyme like me I put my soul on the page
You put ya foot in ya mouth I got the flow of a wave
Look at you now holdin ya face Show ya disgrace
What you be putting down don’t sound dope on the stage
Im a iller emcee Ill kill a MC for not feelin me
My freestyle is better than your written lyrically
Fuck wit me your really see go on a killin spree
Through ya childish facility you look like kids to me
Compare this air I breathe to your whole trash steez
Recognize the real I represent the Last emcees
Youd have to be out ya fuckin mind to Battle me
Spit passion release the energy into the galaxy

hook by Diabolic

When I say rhyme its like I mean redesign ya sight
Shine so bright you redefine the light
Im a sick emcee different breed ride the flight
Cliff dive at night when Im live on mic
I said any but not many stepped to me when I spoke
They laughin disrespecting without Getting the joke
I Dead emcees Comin for ya head and ya throat
You gon bow down to Whatever I wrote
Then your gonna quote like Cant belive he just said that
roll a 4, 5, 6 to demolish ya head crack
I got the energy of a star you could never dead that
My squad will put up all they got where ya bread at
Put up ya crib bitch wait You aint got one
Put up ya whip trick, nah You rode Shotgun
Put ya life on the line if you got a problem
Take out a blunt after we battle Im gon rob em

hook by Diabolic

When I say represent until the death I meant
Still am emcee When every last penny Left is spent
IM ready for anything I aint Never Hesitant
If Im there youll get a good show most definite
Still an underground hero could care less about cash
I do this for love make music caused the hours pass
The energy I put out comes back now at last
I just step on stage right after a pound of grass
They say we look like each other We could pass for brothers
I say Roll up another motherfucker did I stutter
So high Im on a different level above ya
I cant come down without a week off the butta
Who wanna try me remind me why I started freeing
Whoever it is I got the smarts and heart to beat him
If he somehow survive all the Scars and beatings
He get mac truck struck by all the stars he seein

hook by Diabolic